Monday, February 8, 2021

Saying Goodbye to the Blogosphere

I am done. For years now, I have been watching big tech shame, silence, and attack those who wish to be faithful to Christ. Whenever they do this, we have gotten upset because we falsely presumed they have something we need (we have been far more brainwashed by them than we think). Yes, you can spread information quite easily through the internet, but we seem to have forgotten that for thousands of years our forefathers communicated just fine without it (and seemed to have been more faithful to God than we are today!).

I abhor Facebook, Twitter and the rest of (anti-)social media; they suck people in and do everything to addict them to the platform because they want us seeing what they show us; they have catechized people to believe that they cannot live without their product. Yet, all the while they are in control of the entire thing (and gaining control of our hearts and minds as well). They only allow us to see what they like (or tolerate) and that means that they are effectively indoctrinating us. I am done.

Google "owns" this blog; not me. Yes, I have been writing on it for years, but that is only because they "allow" me to do so. They can have it; I will not allow any part of my ministry to be controlled by anyone other than Christ and those He appoints over me (my Bishop, etc.). If my brother priests in generations past ministered to their people without a blog, I should be able to do so as well. 

I refuse to bow to big tech, and could not care less how much power they think they have. The internet is not the real world; it is just a facade that they want you to believe in. The real world is not owned or controlled by them, it is owned by the One Who created it: our Almighty Lord, Jesus Christ. It is He that I will answer to, and not any media or big tech company.

We seem to have forgotten how to communicate. Are we surprised that we are the most lonely and depressed society in the history of the world? Why are so many people uncomfortable speaking face to face? I do not want to contribute any more to people's addiction to the internet. Big tech companies have forced their desires on us, and made us think like them. No more for me. I have thought about this for a long time now and I need to "slay the dragons". I am done. Goodbye.

(If any of my readers would like to talk about this, contact me; I would enjoy speaking to you. God bless!)