Thursday, December 31, 2020

Saying Goodbye to 2020

Here we are at the end of the year and the beginning of a new one. Only a few hours to go as I write this. At this point in time it feels like "2020" will eventually become a curse word ("Oh yeah? Well, 2020 you!"). To be "2020'd" would mean to be inundated with a series of trials one after another.

This is one of the reasons why I have not written anything in so long. There is not too little to write about, but rather too much. Yes, I have been busy (as usual), but that is only a small factor in it. To take my point in the previous paragraph, we have been "2020'd" and we have survived. Yes, there are many that have had their faith shaken, and every family has experienced some kind of trial over the last year (my own family has had its share of suffering).

We have survived, but having been inundated with all the crazy stuff of 2020 (election fraud, lies about covid, riots promoting anarchy, etc.), we now appear to live in a "land of foreigners". Things have changed so radically since the end of 2019 that in some ways things are barely recognizable. This is obvious to even the most casual observer. Yes, those in the liberal media do not want us to see it ("just shut up and eat what we give you!" they tell us), but it is not hard to realize the truth if you are willing to look around. Those who think everything is going fine, are either ignorant or deceived (and I am not sure which is worse).

When we find ourselves in a situation like this, whether or not we can change the course of events, we need to start living in reality. We no longer have a nation that is at peace with Christianity. This has been fading for a few decades now, but in 2020 it took a leap forward. The socialists have made sure of that (including, especially, those who are socialists but do not call themselves by that name).

There are numerous passages in the Old Testament that speak of what it means to live in a "foreign land", and that is much like what we are dealing with today. Yes, we may be able to turn the tide someday, but until we do, we cannot live in a "fairy land" pretending that things are "just peachy". We have to be realistic and acknowledge that this is what God has chosen for us for the time being.

New Year's resolutions are a helpful way of rethinking the path we are on and committing ourselves to do better in the future (something like the Church's practice of Advent and Lent). As we all look forward to a new year with hopes and dreams that things will be better than 2020 (maybe? please?!), let us each resolve to accept the challenges that the Lord has chosen for us, and to meet them with faith, hope and love.

If we can change hearts and bring about a genuine repentance in America then praise God for that; but if not, then we must accept the fact that America will be led by someone who resists the Catholic faith, and that means that we have to be "on our toes" and realize that he (or she) will likely come after us. Are you ready? Are you working to stand fast today? Tomorrow may be too late. Keep the faith.