Monday, February 26, 2018

Do Manfully (7)

I wrote a while back about the modern emasculation of men. Another thought came to my mind about this recently. I was thinking about we have become a society of sissies. We are easily offended at the slightest things today (and many even seem to enjoy being offended). The problem here is that there are things that we are supposed to be offended by, yet those often get forgotten. Instead we are usually offended by the most pitiful and petty things; things that should not even bother us--thus, we are sissies.

So when considering men, what makes a real man take offense? Should he be offended when someone insults his shoes or his favorite song? Should he be offended when he reads of the numbers of unborn children murdered in America every year? These are important questions to ask, because a weak man will be easily insulted and fall into foolish anger. A strong man, however, will aim at the godly virtue of self-control (and he will know when he needs to express offense, while still maintaining self-control).

Here are a few comparisons that might help us make things more clear.
1) Emasculated men are more offended when you insult their favorite beer, than when you insult the Eucharist. How does a godly and faithful man respond when someone makes a direct insult of the Holy Sacrament? He will not lash out in anger, but he will not also merely sit back and say "to each his own". He will consider whether he can do something to help the offense end, and whether he can aid the offender in repentance. When it comes to his favorite beer, however, he will not really care (even if they go so far as to insult a Guinness).
2) Emasculated men are more offended when you insult their sports team, than when you insult their parish. Even the Catechism warns us about idolizing the abilities of sports figures (which is exactly as I said "idolizing" and verges on idolatry [remember that sin? it is still a mortal one!]). Which does a godly man have more affection for? If he loves his "team" more than his parish, something is seriously wrong spiritually. A godly man will promote his parish (and the people in it) more than his "team" and the players in it. A godly man will joyfully associate with his fellow parishioners more strongly than with someone who likes the same "team".
3) Emasculated men are more offended when you insult their politician, than when you insult their bishop. How strongly do you defend your bishop--really? I hear people speak against bishops quite often today. In principle it does not matter if he has made a mistake (all of us do!), he is still your bishop, and you should treat him as being in the line of succession of the Apostles (since he is!). A godly man will put more time and effort into supporting his bishop than he will some politician (regardless of who the politician is). After all, a bishop has more impact on this nation than any politician (believe it or not!).
4) Emasculated men are more offended when you insult their favorite tv show, than when you insult the Bible. Men, do you love the Scriptures? Or does entertainment push the very words of God to the wayside? Which do you see as more important? Godliness will lead a man to be bold when it comes to speaking about, and protecting, God's words. When it comes to tv shows, though (which are done mostly by godless people who are only trying to line their own pockets), where is the eternal significance in them? Which would God have you defend?
These are merely some considerations. Things to consider when we are looking to grow in holiness and be the men that God has called us to be. This is certainly not a comprehensive list, but it should get the conversation going in such a direction that we all start thinking about our priorities and our commitments. One more thing that I need to remind everyone about: seek to spend more time in prayer that God will help those who are men, and those who are future men, so to they may each accept the calling they have been given, and stand firm in the truth of God. As I said before, do manfully!