Saturday, November 26, 2016

Remarkable Contrast

Well, maybe it is not totally remarkable, but it is a contrast, and that does make things a bit clearer. I have been thinking a bit lately about the modern phenomenon of radical feminism. In case anyone reading this post does not know me well enough to guess my opinion on the subject: I am significantly less than favorable to radical feminism. I have encountered varying forms of feminism (radical, simple, progressive, old-style, etc) in my years, and have never seen it encourage truth, beauty or goodness.

Aside from its positions regarding the murder of unborn children and the promotion of pornography (yes, feminism is highly supportive of pornography, in case you were not aware of this), there is the undermining of the family that is destructive to the very fabric of society. These positions are all at odds with the Church and the Scriptures. Yet, there is something else that I realized recently that makes me say that feminism is an ungodly system of belief.

Feminism is not actually at war with overbearing masculine types who promote a chauvinistic or patriarchal society. That is too simplistic. Yes, feminists are adverse to strong masculine types (except when they themselves are the strong masculine types!), but that is more of a by-product and not the cause. Feminism (as a system) only resists and attacks men when they speak in defense of a Catholic understanding of masculinity and femininity. Hence, there is something deeper that feminism is seeking to combat, and this is what makes it more pernicious.

Although feminists will often say that they are content for women "to choose" for themselves how to live, this does not reflect reality. When a woman wishes to stay home, take care of the children (even homeschool them), and manage the house while her husband works to earn the sole paycheck, a typical feminist will complain that she has been brainwashed and needs to be enlightened. Although this may sound a bit far fetched, I have experienced it firsthand. My oldest daughter (who just wants to get married, have children, and be a homemaker) is often the source of raised eyebrows when she tells this to people. Some seem to insist that she has to "go to college" (which she has no interest in) and "have a career" (as though being a wife and mother is necessarily unfulfilling).

You see, feminism is not just wanting to recognize women more. In fact, there are some women that feminism would like to eradicate completely (because they consider them bad examples of womanhood). Feminism is definitely at war. Yet, it is not a war that you might imagine, and herein is where we find the amazing contrast. Feminism is not at war with anything masculine, feminism is at war with something decidedly feminine. Feminism is at war with the Blessed Virgin Mary herself. This is where it all begins.

The Roman Catholic Church puts forward the Blessed Virgin Mary as a role model for everyone (male and female), honors her above all other saints, and has numerous special devotions to her. Imagine a feminist trying to use the Blessed Virgin as a role model. She is quiet, unassuming, humble, and submissive--all things that are contrary to the heart of feminism. She points away from herself and tells us to "listen to Jesus". She willingly sacrificed her own freedoms for the good of others, and was willing to endure persecution for Christ's sake. It is this type of woman that feminism wants to eradicate from society.

Modern feminism (in all its forms) wants to promote a culture of evil, and its hatred of our Lady is the source of this. Only a few times have we seen this in any direct or outward form (ever heard of a so-called entertainer called "Lady Gaga"?), but Hillary Clinton's recent statements that she wishes to destroy the Catholic Church because it "hates women" shows just how far it has grown. Not only does feminism seek to destroy the order of creation and erase all differences between the sexes, it also wants to create a culture of death. In the name of "health care" (it still amazes me how a phrase that refers to something good can be used to connote murder!) it seeks to legitimize infanticide (born and unborn) through all the various modern methodologies.

Hence, modern feminists seek to promote a womanhood that has sex without conception, and the Blessed Virgin conceived without having sexual relations; quite a significant opposite! In the feminist frame of mind this is getting all the bad results without any of the "fun". After all, feminism, in its quest for personal pleasure (at all costs) cannot cope with someone who willingly chose to sacrifice pleasure for the sake of a greater good. It cannot understand what it means to find power in humility. Once again: feminism and the Blessed Virgin are at complete odds with one another.

No, I am not into patriarchy, but, I do, however, wish to keep men as men, and women as women, so that each can find godliness in the manner that God intended. God created us different, and the recent explosion of "gender identity" foolishness is a total rejection of the created order. The Virgin Mary is the clearest example of a full acceptance of God's choice for one's life ("may it be done to me according to your word"), and we do society great harm if we forget her example.

Feminism will lose this war, but in the process it is going to gain a number of adherents, and create quite a few casualties. Brothers and sisters, learn what it means to be men and women by spending some time reading the Scriptures and the catechism. Parents, make the lines between godly femininity and godly masculinity as clear as possible in your home. Everyone, pray for those who are confused in this area, and beg God for His grace in this confusing time.